We’re a group of climate campaigners organising against a big piece of new fossil fuel infrastructure in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our name is Fossilgasfällan (which translates into “the fossil gas trap”) and last week we received some exciting news that we’ll be sharing in this blog along with an invitation to a Climate Camp taking place in Gothenburg in August.

First, to give you a brief overview: The gas company Swedegas is building an LNG terminal named LNG Göteborg to import natural gas (yes, that’s a very dirty fossil fuel) through the port of Gothenburg (yes, that’s the largest port in Sweden, a country that has committed to go fossil free). This is a trap that must be avoided, as it would delay the climate transition we so badly need.

Photo: Swedegas

Though the company has cleverly hidden their ambitions behind the claim that the terminal LNG Göteborg is an environmentally friendly project (for shipping fuel alternatives), we will not be fooled. Swedegas’s ambition (to be found on their own website) is to build new LNG infrastructure in several locations in Sweden, inevitably increasing the consumption of fossil fuels in Sweden.

The oil and gas industry have large resources and a strong lobbyist force in Brussels to rely on. Meanwhile, our main currency is creativity — and as it turns out, we have an entire movement behind our backs.

Photo: Kalle Lantz

And it seems our campaigning the last five months is making a difference. Last week, we learnt that the permit process for building LNG Göteborg has been delayed because of certain questions submitted by consultative bodies. The company Swedegas has to respond to these questions before the permit process can move forward — and due to summer holidays, this means the permit won’t end up on the government’s desk to be signed off until after summer.

Now, this obviously isn’t where our organising ends. Rather, this is where we scale up and mobilise the joint forces of the movement we know want to end the age of fossil fuels. That’s why we’re now, together with Fossil Free Sweden, Nature and Youth and Friends of the Earth, launching Climate Camp Sweden.

Original photo: Kalle Lantz

This Climate Camp, on August 3-7th 2017, will take place near Gothenburg and will finish with a large mobilisation against the plans to build the LNG terminal in the Port of Gothenburg. During the camp, we’ll invite the movement to skill up and to build community together. It will be loads of fun! And through taking action together at the end of Climate Camp Sweden, we’ll show everyone what the end of fossil fuels can look like.

In the weeks or months after this action, the Swedish government (led by the Social Democrats and the Green Party) will be asked to sign the permits for LNG Göteborg. The question is, will they dare approve this fossil fuel project? That is up to all of us. 

Sign up now to join Climate Camp in Gothenburg in August.

Photo: Anders Hellberg